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Photo guestbook service for professionals

Offering as part of your wedding service.

Digital Wedding Guest Book Service is a fun and no-brainake digital guest book already used in many many weddings (more than 10.000 guestbooks where created on

Setup in minutes, guests share their photos and messages using their mobiles and a really simple webapp, nothing to install.

One or more TVs can spice the event up as people love seeing their images and selfies displayed in real time.

When the event is done you can export all the posts as a printable PDF for you clients to enjoy.

Who is it for ?

Most common use cases includes but are not limited to:

How subscription works

As part of our ongoing effort to offer a great experience we offer a subscription service to professionals so they can use as part of their own service and help weds have the best day possible.

Thanks to your subscription you will be able to create as many guestbooks as you want for how long as you need.

Upgrade any time if you need to handle more guests this month and let do the rest.

Create a free guest book to try the service, we are sure you will love it!

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