wedding guestbook for any wedding themes

Your wedding guest book for sharing photos and messages

Capture and share pictures, messages, and unforgettable memories with your guests.

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Digital guestbook for weddings

Text & photos

Your guests will love to send you selfies and messages. Everybody will be able to see them on their mobile.

Animation for wedding

A true multimedia experience

Animate the event by showing messages on TV. Download in one click your guestbook, share it with your friends.

Fun idea for wedding

Easy & smart

No app to download, no need for wi-fi: just connect to

guestbook web app for you wedding, no app to install

Create your virtual guest book in a few seconds and distribute the code to your friends.

wedding guests can send their photos to your guestbook

Your guests connect via smartphone to to send photos and messages, creating a guestbook that everybody can see from mobile or, if you want, on TV / projector.

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print your guestbook

Use the "generate album" feature to create a ready to print / ready to share guestbook (you can send it to your guests via whatsapp)


You want the best experience for your guests. Here's what we offer:



Choose if you want to validate each message before displaying it


Private messages

Guests will be able to send you messages without showing them in the gallery



No apps to download, everything's so light that it won't affect your data traffic


Total compatibility

Works on all smartphones, tablets and desktop computers


Easy setup

Ready in minutes, do it all by yourself



We promise we wont' be sending you tons of ADs, even in the free version


Remote friendly

Some friends couldn't make it to the wedding? They can still send you a message from wherever they are


TV animation

Generate a realtime slideshow of messages to animate your event


Download and print / share

Generate a ready-to-print and shareable guestbook in one click


Easy to set up, fun to use: try it now!

Create your guestbookCreate your guestbook
Only $29, satisfied or refunded!